In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”  Spiders make me want to run the other way…but if you take the time to really study a spider, you will not be disappointed.  Amazing little creatures!


My struggle with the sloth

This morning, the runner girl in me was quite stealthy…I woke up with no desire or motivation for exercise what so ever.  If it wasn’t for the giant Golden Retriever staring me in the face at 5 am, I probably would still be laying there.   I was completely exhausted and setting myself up for all kinds of excuses to not run the  10 mile run I routinely do on wednesdays.    I had to go to the health department to get a rabies shot.  I wanted to be the first one there so I wouldn’t have to wait..and then I had originally planned on going running on the way home.  The sloth was wide awake and ready to sabotage runner girls efforts with any and all excuses.

I didn’t give the sloth too much acknowledgment, which is something I have learned to do, kind of ignore that voice and just watch those excuses go by without getting too attached to them.  So I took a shower and started to get dressed.  Runner girl put on running socks.  The sloth skipped over the sports bra and picked a regular bra…Runner girl knew that wasn’t an issue because there is an entire running outfit in the car just waiting…Runner girl then pulled a running shirt off the hanger…the sloth laughed inside…you know how hard it is to put a sports bra on underneath a shirt in a parking lot…Runner girl just kept getting dressed, ignoring the sloth.

Sitting at the health department, waiting for my turn, the sloth started visualizing driving straight home to hang out and eat breakfast and have coffee with the dogs.   Runner girl started negotiations with the sloth.  We can just go for 30 minutes, no big deal.  The sloth said nothing.  The rabies shot came and went and it was still early.   Runner girl was beating the sloth and the sloth being a sloth, gave up the fight.  Putting the sports bra on in the parking lot was really easy, running 10 miles was easier then ever and going home and enjoying the much deserved breakfast was just perfect.

Just remember, your body can do whatever you have trained it to do…so can your mind 🙂  photo 3

It’s always a new day



Every day is a new day.

I get to drive to work at the most beautiful and refreshing time..as the sun rises.

Often I will see these amazing scenes and have to pull over to take some pictures.  I am in awe of the planet we live on.

I am so glad that I can be in the moment to appreciate the beauty of life.

It’s always a new moment 🙂


Cee’s fun foot challenge: Bare Feet or shoes..

When I think of shoes, I think of horses..


but on this trip, on the airport shuttle, I saw these feet and couldn’t help but take a picture of them. I never think about how my own feet look, as in presenting them to the public.  I’d much rather cover mine up completely so no body can see my bare feet..but if you are going to wear sandals, how nice to make your feet presentable and something pretty to look at.  Thanks airport shuttle lady for making the ride worthy of a photo!  And for making me look at everyones feet on that bus that day…


Shoes 🙂