Kindness, Intent and Peace


Kindness…the definition of which is probably readily known by all.  You can see it, you can feel it, you can verbalize it and act it out.

Intent…such a forgotten idea in the game we play of talking and listening  to words with others.

Peace…when kindness and intent are seen despite what we (our egos) are really seeing and feeling.  A comforting, solid feeling of stability.    At least that is something I can feel.

It dawned on me one day when I was talking to a person I work closely with.  This person has a knack of saying things that I can take the wrong way.  I started to think about who he is.  There is no where inside of him that has bad intent.  Anything I ask of him, he’d be there to help.  I don’t think you can realize that sort of thing without knowing someone for a long time, but I think in general the nature of people is to get along.   The words we use or hear can totally cloud the real stable base of  good intentions.

I think if we could all realize how much we are sensitive, spiritual beings, we’d be way more careful with our use of words.

I really love the filter features on photo apps.  I think it’s because we can see a different view then what is there.   A view that softens or highlights or dramatizes the scene.  Some take colors away, some add colors.   Some add texture or depth.



I often wonder if this is how it would be to be in someone else’s brain.  A different filter of the same scene.  Emotion affecting vision and how that view came about.  If we could do this,  we may see differently but with better understanding of where we each are coming from.  Will anyone ever come up with an app to ‘feel’ what others feel based on their life experiences, their genetics, their addictions?  I’m sure there is a movie out there somewhere with this theme (or is it Spock that can do this?).   We’d probably be flooded with a huge amount of understanding and empathy.

I believe before we open our mouths (or write something down on the internet….or anywhere else),  we should try and see the intent of where it is coming from. What created whatever emotion we have that makes us want to respond.   What our intent is with the response and find out if it is coming from a place of kindness, to reach a place of peace.

Ever since I was little I would look at people and try to figure out what it would feel like to be them.  To come up with that next sentence, to know what they know, to actually feel what they are feeling.  I remember trying this so hard, concentrating and listening to someone talk.  Mostly it was men I was trying to ‘feel’ like.  My father or grandfather or uncles.  And as I watched their lips move when they were talking,  I would try and understand how they were forming their sentences.  I’d start moving my lips when they’d talk to see if  just the physical movement would make me able to spontaneously say what they were saying, or try and feel what the next word out of there mouth would be.  I distinctly remember asking once, ‘do you think the sentence before you are saying it ? or does it just come out naturally?’ (I really think it was because the only thing in my mind was neigh, neigh, neigh…maybe I was a horse in a past life.)  I still will wonder this when I see people lecturing and talking to others so easily.  And even myself if I am on a roll and words are just coming out of my mouth smoothly and making a lot of educated sense, I start wondering how I am doing that…and of course I lose my train of thought and mess up.



Some people can become blinded by their filters but it doesn’t mean their intent is bad.    Our own filters can get in the way of finding peace in a situation, but our intent is most likely good.


Some people would be able to read the above if they really tried, some don’t even want to try.  Some may be able to read it after they saw it without that filter.



There is no doubt one of the greatest feelings is a feeling of inner peace.  Maintaining it may involve trying to see a perspective different from ours no matter how strong our own filter may be.   Kindness to ourselves and others can be acted out by diving deeper into our feelings and removing our own filter to be able to experience the situation through another’s filter.  Realizing their intent and what it is based on.   One would have to want to do that though…It took me a long time (years) to realize my work mate intentions were always good.  Always, even though he will never change in the way he says things or can do things that still can alter my calmness, I am quicker to recognize my own filter and change it to where I see my way to that place of peace.  Calmness always ensues.

Let’s clink our glasses to taking time to think and react with kindness to situations that want to disturb our inner peace.  No matter the situation. Whether we are the one that is being disturbed or if we are about to disturb another, it’s so worth it in the end 10012034_840958552585145_8814796194305663012_o.









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