Say a hearty YES! to Adventure!


The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Joseph Campbell

I am 48 years old.  I’m only starting to learn myself, the me that is the saboteur and the me that is a strong, enthusiastic adventurer.  The adventurer lives most days and is strongest at night, before going to bed…the saboteur I wake up with..but as I get older, I am becoming deaf to the saboteur.

Adventure isn’t necessarily going to do some exotic, dangerous thrill..but just having a plan to do something that involves discipline with energy and enthusiasm.  To me the adventure is in the ability to control ones actions.  What greater adventure could there be then in making a plan, sticking to it and forging ahead no matter how weary, how unenthusiastic or how negative you feel.

I love beating the saboteur.  I wake up some mornings with no enthusiasm for that morning run..but if I stick to it, I know the reward will be great.  The training will pay off.  I know after the first 10 minutes I will have kicked that saboteur right in the butt and I will feel great…that I am conquerable..and the disciplined me will prevail.

Brief is our life. Whether one is more brief then another doesn’t matter, what matters is how we can step back and see ourselves for what we are and adjust accordingly.

Has living with enthusiastic dogs opened my eyes to the adventure that exists in every moment?  I do believe so….Say Yes! to adventure..A hearty Golden Retriever kind of Yes!


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