Haunting memories..


Ready, Set, Done

Once a upon a time….long long ago a girl was born. she was little, so little she fit out a very small hole of a human bean. After a while, she grew. One month went by and she could no longer go back where she came from..she was committed whether she liked it or not.

The vultures haunted her.  There were faint memories of lying in a field in the middle of nowhere, unable to muster the strength to fight them off.  Vultures trying to pick at her in sensitive places to make her bleed and hurry her trip to another world.  There was nothing left in her.  No fight, no pain, no need to try.  She was done.

Love is like that.  When it’s done, it’s done.   There’s only so much one can try..just like a fire burns itself out when all the wood is gone, when no one adds to it, the fire dies.  Fire is a powerful energy that disappears when it’s done.  Her life was done.  Her fire gone.  It was peaceful now..until she saw that light at the end of the tunnel.  Screaming.  Tiny little newborn screaming so loud with confusion.  Not again!!!


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