Balancing Mind

“When the heart is right, “for” and “against” are forgotten.”
― Zhuangzi, The way of Chuang Tzu

This quote is constantly in my head right now. It reminds me of balance. Of riding a wave, riding a horse, yoga, with the physical body we learn to balance and when you have it, it’s so easy to feel when its right. If you go either way off center, it’s rather obvious because you fall and you know your balance is gone. For some reason mental balance is different…it’s not different in the feel when it is right but different in the feel when off center.. Having beliefs are like that..totally off center. A belief is not in the middle. Judging is not in the middle. Even if our judging is what we think is for the benefit of another. Judging no matter why one judges is not centered. The only person that can balance themselves is their own self. To feel that is to realize that for and against can not exist when totally right.. right in the center..balanced. It would be like positioning a person in a certain pose and expecting them to stay there without using any of their own body to stay there. It takes a lot of different muscles to stand on one foot. Imagine what it must take of our brains to reach a point in life where we don’t judge, we don’t take things personally, where we just watch with only seeing. slapping away the push from the judging mind, the push that makes us go off center into beliefs that hold us without us even knowing. Life is so much simpler when our mind and body are centered.


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